Hall of Fame



Ataris, Bad Religion, Southern Backtones, Southern Riot, Ghoul Town, Jimmy Skaffa, Inbred White Boy, Ted Leo, Brat Mobil, Dirty Power, Rose Kill, Deke Dickerson, Pride Kills, Will To Live, Vato Locos, Bo Jones, The Delayed, C’mon C’mon, The Washdowns, Goose Dokki, D.O.A., T.S.O.L. One Man Army, Lagwagon, Gerth, Gun Crazy, Luxurious Panthers, Next to Nothing, Steve Steel, Secret Agent 8, Lost City Angels, Mr. T Experience, American Steel, I 45, The Skoidats, Throw Rag, Pennywise, Original Sinners, Dead Lazios Place, Real McKenzie’s, Sons Of Hercules, The Manglers, JP5, Sturgeon General, Brooklyn Bums, Flipside, The Oranges, Los Skarnales, Pride Kills, Satin Hooks, Rose Kill, LDV, J. W. Americana, After Shock, Needles, a Wilhelm Scream, Anti Flag, One Hit Wonders, Turbo A,C’s, 30 Ft. Fall, Bouncing Souls, Slayer, Rise Against, Spunk’s, Subhuman’s, the Jews, The Bravos, Orca , Chad Thomas from the Crazy Kings, LimitPoint, Hurry Up Offense, the Hoods, Schlong Daddy, the Vue, Black Cat Music, Mary Timony,Full Blown Chaos, Chelsea Hotel, Bitter End,CoExist, Unit F,Irene,Slayer, Gods Temple of Family Deliverance, Something Fierce, the Vibrators, THE BAREKNUCKLE KNOCKOUTS, KiKo, the Tosser’s, The Unzipped, Zipperneck, Black Math Experiment, Crank County Daredevils, Countless Victims, Purple Crush, Lee Rocker, Coldfusion, Vaux, Street Dogs, Murphy’s Law, Tha Fuckin transmissions, Complete Control, Irish Brothers, HIRAX, Morgue City, Starvin Hungry, Krum Bums, The Freeze, The Angry Samoans, Flatfoot 56, Despised, El Desmadre, The Fuckin Buckaroos, Ryan Scrogins, Boweeval, Billy Milano of MOD, Blow Tops, Latch Key Kids, War of Age, Damned, Black Pussy, The Unconvicted, The Guillotines, Prophets of Addiction, Giant Kitty, Baron von Bomblast and Brian’s Johnson, Mydolls, ESE, Khobretti, Dead Horse, Hudson Falcons, Talk Sick Brats, Harley Flanangan, Merkava, Bayou Vimana.