Old School




Danny I have known since he was a kid. He started on the show promoting hardcore and Straight Edge bands and ended up doing his own set along with Crain. He played local and national hardcore bands heard nowhere else. He also played in local band Will to Live who also went by Scared for Life. I use to always be on his ass about playing stuff that was to metal. Danny has been playing bass in bands for some times and was best known for Refuse to Fall. Because of Family commitment Danny left the show and now stays in Pearland and works for the Chronicle.

Buddy Demon

Buddy Demon

Buddy Demon On the show since the start playing all the hits old and new rockabilly. He is on break right now but will be back hopefully soon. He plays bass in the Rockabilly Band the Luxurious Panthers.


Mr. Telephone Road

Mr. Telephone Road

Mr.Telephone Road I was hanging out on his show when I was 16. His show was called the Mr. Telephone Road Show and was one of the wildest shows to ever be on the KPFT airwaves. he played american music and was one of the first in Houston to mix rockabilly,punk, cajun, and a host of other musical styles all in one show. he spins every blue moon on this show but he was a big influence on me growing up musically.


J. D.

He played in a band Day After Yesterday and  played emo music on the show for a brief period.He also ran a record label. He and his cohorts played the biggest joke on the show by calling up the show and pretending to be Goose Dookie from Alaska. I dint know it till years later that it was .JD’s buddy calling in. Fooled me!
J. D. was the manager of Amy’s Ice Cream and still plays in bands.



Crain was the Vinni Jones of the Show for the time that he was on. Tall, crazy and dint take any crap, but was a funny on air personality. when he first came on I thought he would just be about ska and OI, but he ended up one of the first on the show to start playing hardcore even though we mixed in a song or two. It was great when the emo kids would come up to the station because Crain dint know how to handle there soft delicate style and would try to get them mad and angry and they would hug him. He would freak out, but he liked those kids for the most part. Crain I heard moved on to Oklahoma where he is known around the skins there.

Fattie G.

Fattie G.

Fattie G was the cuddly skinhead who I was lucky to meet.When the show first started we did a whole hour of Ska and rocksteady. He was very entertaining on the air. He also mixed in some OI stuff and ran a ska OI internet radio show skinhead JamboreeMp3s. He also was one of the founders of the Red Strip Scooter Club. Glen moved on to San Antonio and than disappeared. We all hope he comes back at some point just to say hi.



Julie was a mother, entrepreneur, self employed powerful women. The first time she came up to the show she was amazed with the craziness of the station and our show. She managed local bands Drum and Dub Tex. Tragically she was killed by a drunk driver on her way home from promoting one her many events that she put on around town. Loved by everyone she was in contact with she will be missed by all.


Special K

Was the political wing of the show for a while keeping us up dated with the protest and happenings in the activist community. Very special person.



Jami Fotenote

She came on and did the Hardcore part of show till the end of the old show. Was a important part of the show as we always tried to have women involved with the show. Was able to give the listeners a diversity of old school hardcore and new.


Chris Breland

Our first intern on the show. He ended up doing some guest DJ spots. he now lives and works in Dallas as a tattoo artist.  If you want to get him or in Dallas he at Hold Fast Tattoos.







Sam Cole

Sam was a pioneer so to speak! He was the first to bring a lot of music that debuted on our show.  He brought down a record from a band that went on to be internationally renown. That band was White Strips! A lot of other bands that would be considered mainstream now Sam debuted on our show. He knows his music well and educated the listener with his knowledge of the bands. I really cant remember how he ended up on the show but he was part of our legendary get kicked off the air show where we went on till 6am playing fuck words ect. That will be on our archives page soon. LOL! Sam and his brother are still in town doing realty stuff  or something.



Ron was on the show for a while playing after the departure of Big E and Buddy. He played alot of stuff from rockabilly to garage rock. Knew the music and the bands and other stuff. Did not go to the Bash was his downfall. LOL!

The Radness 2006


Heather Fails 2006


Stewart Anderson of A Fist Full o Soul


DJ Big E and The Rockin Beauty


w/ Felipe


Felipe Galvan


Gabe Wells and Chris Conflict


w/ Rad and Mickey


Mickey Vanfossen


Cassidy Spell


Matt Adame


Arthur Martinez