Rad Rich



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Rad Richard has been promoting the sounds of Ska and other music in Houston for years and is the innovator behind the successful KPFT Big Ska Night Out benefits in the early 90’s. He first started going to shows in the 80’s and also with the DIY attitude started booking shows. He has also been known for his on-air work on 90.1 KPFT for the last 20 years. He currently is the host of the Rad Rich Rock and Soul Revue that you can hear on the HD2 channel at KPFT. The Show is a place you can hear a good mix of rockabilly, hardcore, punk and garage rock and soul. The old show was rocking for 7 years and had interviewed everyone from Rockabilly great Charlie Gracie to Pennywise. His involvement with KPFT started when he was 16 years old. At that same time, the neighborhood and the station was a different world. Started helping out on the Fun House Show one of the original punk shows on the air there. From there went on to host and produce one of the stations first urban shows Strictly Hip-Hop. That show along with Mad Matt, Cipher, Sincer, and Baby Gramps went on to be one of stations most groundbreaking show. Wu Tang Clan, The Roots, B.I.G. just to name a few got there first taste of airplay in the Houston area because of that show. Went on to have some powerful names that have gone to be megastars. A guy named NAS came on the show with just a cassette to his name. Left that show and created the first creation of the Rock and Roll Revue. Late night and on a Thursday night the show went on to be one of the most creative shows on the air. Along with Buddy Deamon, Big E and others, the show became a staple of late-night programming in Houston. Also Rad rich was the first to break the dirty laundry rule where you could not talk about anything going on at the station. As the show broke into every other week friction became apparent between the station and Rad. They broke off communication when the show ended in early 2000.Until this year where now Rad is back with a stronger show along with a growing audience even though on the HD Channel. Also, he has gotten into film as he has done a host of film screenings in the past including involvement with the movie Afro Punk. That has grown into one of the biggest festivals in the US during the summer. Also has been involved in civil rights and political action also.

me and henry in 85-1500